Identifying & Minimizing Barriers


A barrier is defined as any problem, real or imagined, that is an obstacle to reaching a goal. Reentry Mythbusters clarifies existing federal policies that are often viewed as barriers for formerly incarcerated individuals and their families.


Common Barriers

Identify the areas that you need assistance with and click on the links to find resources to help you minimize those barriers.  Talk to a Workforce Development Specialist to work through these barriers.

GED/HSE college education
vocational training financial aid
adult basic education access to training
disability mental health
work experience labor market
criminal history identification
clothing transportation
employer acceptance emotional support
childcare computer use

You will need to identify these barriers in order to remove or minimize them.  Some will be easy while others are going to take more effort on your part. 

Use this worksheet to help identify your barriers.  Don't be afraid to ask for help. Consult with a Workforce Development Specialist for assistance.