If you are under the supervision of U.S. Pretrial Services, U.S. Probation Office, or the Federal Bureau of Prisons, contact a Workforce Development Specialist for assistance with obtaining a Washington State Identification card.  The Federal partners have a working relationship with the Department of Licensing to assist you in obtaining proper identification. Click here to get a complete list of identification requirements.

U.S. Probation and Pretrial Services in the Eastern and Western Districts of Washington as well as Washington State Department of Corrections have a working relationship with Washington State Department of Licensing.  If you need assistance in obtaining state identification, contact your assigned officer for further assistance.

The other form of identification that will be instrumental in obtaining a job is a Social Security Card.  You will need a U.S. driver's license or U.S. State-issued non-driver identification card to apply for a replacement Social Security card.  Click here for an application.

A copy of your birth certificate may also come in handy in obtaining your driver's license, non-driver identification, and Social Security card.  Click here to find the Vital Statistics office in the state of your birth.


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