Career Assessments



  Finding the right job at the right time is

a small miracle in itself.  It takes time

to find "your niche in the world".

Dr. John Holland theorized that people and work environments can be loosely categorized into six different types.  People who choose careers that match their Holland code are most likely to be satisfied and successful.  Many career inventories are based on Dr. Holland's theory. 

The following assessment tools will help you decipher knowledge of your personal interests and skills thereby resulting in marketable job skills.  Using these tools will give you direction and acts as a stepping stone towards meaningful employment. 

Self-Directed Search - Please note that there is a charge to take this assessment online. 

The Career Interests Game - Based on the descriptions provided for each of the six types, click on the category that you feel represents your personality.

Forced-Choice - Print and complete this inventory.  A Workforce Development Specialist will help you to interpret the results.

Interest/Skills Checklist - A Workforce Development Specialist can determine your Holland code based on the number of check marks in each of the categories.

Interest Profiler - Helps you to identify your highest interest area, which can point to the kinds of occupations you are more likely to find rewarding.  **FREE ONLINE TOOL.**

If you choose to use these tools on your own, please see a Workforce Development Specialist for guidance and interpretation of the results.  Other inventories and assessments are available in our Resource Center.


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